Videopura™ is led by a team of veteran technologists and business leaders with deep experience in designing and developing video compression and streaming solutions.

The vision of Videopura™ is to optimize every bit of video created. Current focus is to optimize video streaming by drastically reducing video bitrate without sacrificing quality. Product roadmap includes products to optimize video discovery and access with new ways of generating and applying metadata. Videopura's team has deep experience developing core technologies for video compression and communication. From the design and development of one of the first VoD streaming systems in early '90s to the development of perceptually optimized compression today, the team has played a key role in the development of video compression and streaming technologies in use today. Videopura's products are rooted in many years of research on perceptually optimized video. Videopura's innovations enable perceptual optimizations even in live streaming, an industry first!